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POW Souvenirs

These are the souvenirs that Richard kept from his experience as a POW.

Carvings by Richard:

This wooden chain and ball in a cage were both carved from solid pieces of wood using a razor blade.

Cigarette Case:

"This cigarette case was made from the unwinding bands from 'KLIM' powdered milk one-pound cans that were in our Red Cross food parcels. This case was made by Robert T. Hansen, our ball turret gunner, in Stalag Luft IV. I used it to hold the log I kept each day as to our march from Stalag Luft IV to Stalag 357."
--R. F. Hanson

Luftwaffe-issued silverware:

German dogtags:

Red Cross Parcel:

" This box held 10 pounds of food. The food parcels were shipped to the various prison camps throughout Germany by the Red Cross. While I was in Stalag Luft IV we received half a parcel each week. Each box contained a 1-lb. can of "Klim" powdered milk, one 12-oz. can of corned beef, a 12-oz can of spam, a small can of liver pate, 5 packs of cigarettes, a concentrated chocolate bar, about 8 oz., a package of some sort of "dog biscuits" crackers, a small tin of Nescafe, I believe a small jar of marmalade, and 1 or 2 other items that I can't remember. On the day we left camp for the march across Germany, on Feb. 6, 1945, we were each given a full parcel, and this was the last, until April 28, 1945 just a few days before we were liberated. I made a carrying pouch, by taking a G.I. towel and folding it in the middle and stitching it up the sides,with some sort of a strap around my shoulder and carried this box in it. After the food was gone I still used it to put my meager belongings in for the entire trip until we were liberated on May 2, 1945 so just kept it for a souvenir."
--R. F. Hanson

German match box:

Million Mark Bill:

Inscription on reverse of this bill:
Dear Uncle and Aunt,
This money has absolutely no more value. These bills have been taken out of circulation, and you can no longer buy anything for these million and billion mark bills

German flag:

POW Receipts for watch and lighter: