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Forced march from February 6, 1945 to May 2, 1945

Total distance: 250 miles (estimate)
"On the day we left camp for the march across Germany, on Feb. 6, 1945, we were each given a full parcel, and this was the last, until April 28, 1945 just a few days before we were liberated.
I made a carrying pouch, by taking a G.I. towel and folding it in the middle and stitching it up the sides, with some sort of a strap around my shoulder and carried this box in it. After the food was gone I still used it to put my meager belongings in for the entire trip until we were liberated on May 2, 1945 so just kept it for a souvenir." - Richard F. Hanson

He kept logs of his forced march on scraps of paper from cigarette packs.
Day Date Activity Distance (km) Notes
Tuesday 6-Feb-45 Walk
Wednesday 7-Feb-45 Walk
Thursday 8-Feb-45 Walk 28
Friday 9-Feb-45 Rest
Saturday 10-Feb-45 Walk
Sunday 11-Feb-45 Walk
Monday 12-Feb-45 Walk
Tuesday 13-Feb-45 Walk 32
Wednesday 14-Feb-45 Walk
Thursday 15-Feb-45 Walk
Friday 16-Feb-45 Rest
Saturday 17-Feb-45 Rest
Sunday 18-Feb-45 Rest
Monday 19-Feb-45 Walk
Tuesday 20-Feb-45 Rest
Wednesday 21-Feb-45 Walk
Thursday 22-Feb-45 Walk
Friday 23-Feb-45 Rest
Saturday 24-Feb-45 Walk
Sunday 25-Feb-45 Rest
Monday 26-Feb-45 Rest
Tuesday 27-Feb-45 Rest
Wednesday 28-Feb-45 Rest
Thursday 1-Mar-45 Rest
Friday 2-Mar-45 Rest
Saturday 3-Mar-45 Walk
Sunday 4-Mar-45 Walk
Monday 5-Mar-45 Walk
Tuesday 6-Mar-45 Walk
Wednesday 7-Mar-45 Rest
Thursday 8-Mar-45 Walk
Friday 9-Mar-45 Rest
Saturday 10-Mar-45 Rest
Sunday 11-Mar-45 Rest
Monday 12-Mar-45 Rest
Tuesday 13-Mar-45 Walk
Wednesday 14-Mar-45 Walk
Thursday 15-Mar-45 Rest
Friday 16-Mar-45 Rest
Saturday 17-Mar-45 Rest
Sunday 18-Mar-45 Rest
Monday 19-Mar-45 Walk 23
Tuesday 20-Mar-45 Walk 18
Wednesday 21-Mar-45 Walk 20
Thursday 22-Mar-45 Walk
Friday 23-Mar-45 Rest
Saturday 24-Mar-45 Walk
Sunday 25-Mar-45 Walk
Monday 26-Mar-45 Rest
Tuesday 27-Mar-45 Rest
Wednesday 28-Mar-45 On train at 3pm in Ebsdorf
Thursday 29-Mar-45 Arrive Stalag 357, about 40 mile train ride. After 26 days of walking & 24 days of laying over to rest at farms. Stayed at Stalag 357 from March 29 to April 6. Then I began walking north-easterly towards Lubeck.
Saturday 7-Apr-45 Left Stalag 357
Sunday 8-Apr-45 Walk 20
Monday 9-Apr-45 Walk 8
Tuesday 10-Apr-45 Walk 8
Wednesday 11-Apr-45 Walk
Thursday 12-Apr-45 Walk
Friday 13-Apr-45 Walk
Saturday 14-Apr-45 Rest
Sunday 15-Apr-45 Walk
Monday 16-Apr-45 Walk
Tuesday 17-Apr-45 Walk
Wednesday 18-Apr-45 Walk Crossed Elbe river at Holmstorf, near Luneberg. Got Red Cross parcels
Thursday 19-Apr-45 Walk
Friday 20-Apr-45 Rest
Saturday 21-Apr-45 Walk
Sunday 22-Apr-45 Rest
Monday 23-Apr-45 Walk
Tuesday 24-Apr-45 Rest
Wednesday 25-Apr-45 Walk
Thursday 26-Apr-45 Rest
Friday 27-Apr-45 Rest
Saturday 28-Apr-45 Rest Got Red Cross parcels
Sunday 29-Apr-45 Walk 11
Monday 30-Apr-45 Walk
Tuesday 1-May-45 Rest
Wednesday 2-May-45 Rest Liberated by the British
Thursday 3-May-45 Walk 6 Rode horse & wagon to Luneburg
Friday 4-May-45 Rode G.I. Truck
Saturday 5-May-45 Layed over
Sunday 6-May-45 G.I. truck to Emsdorf
Monday 7-May-45 Layed over
Tuesday 8-May-45 Layed over
Wednesday 9-May-45 Layed over
Thursday 10-May-45 British bomber took us to Brussells
Friday 11-May-45 Train to Namur, Belgium
Saturday 12-May-45 Layed over
Sunday 13-May-45 Took train to France
Monday 14-May-45 Arrived in St. Valery, France
Tuesday 15-May-45 Layed over at Camp Lucky Strike
Wednesday 16-May-45 Layed over at Camp Lucky Strike
Thursday 17-May-45 Layed over at Camp Lucky Strike
Friday 18-May-45 Layed over at Camp Lucky Strike