Company's LOGO

Top Row, Left to Right
Top Turret Gunner/1st Engineer:
TSgt Chester B. "Chet" Hincewicz
Pilot: 1st Lt. Joe Pavelka
Copilot: 2 Lt. Albert Gilsdorf
Navigator: 2 Lt. Phillip Soloman
Bombadier: 2 Lt. William Burtt
Radio Operator: TSgt Richard F. Hanson

Bottom Row, Left to Right
Tail Turret Gunner/Armorer:
SSgt Peter Clarke
Waist Gunner: TSgt Walter J. "Jay" Turnbull (later replaced by Mike Ciano after Jay was moved to the ground crew)
Ball Turret Gunner/3rd Engineer: SSgt Robert T. "Doodlebug" Hansen
Waist Gunner/2nd Engineer:
SSgt Ralph Oak (later preplaced by SSgt Wade Luce)