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May 22, 1944
I am OK and uninjured and in good health. Am being treated fine. The Red Cross is providing wonderful service. The countryside is beautiful here.

[Note from the writer: This is from my first letter after being captured. We were shot down on April 12, 1944, on our 20th mission. All the rest of these were written while at Stalag Luft IV up to the May 6, 1945 lette, which was the first after being liberated.]

I am finally settled down. I can write two letters and four postcards per month, but can receive all the mail that is written to me. I can also receive two 11 pound food parcels per month from home. Such things as canned foods, chocolate, and cigarettes would be best, grapefruit juice, canned milk, canned meats, if possible, pork and beans, etc. One carton of cigarettes per package is enough.

We have it quite nice here and are quite comfortable. I am going out and take a sun bath in a few minutes.

July 4, 1944
Some of the fellows put on a show today to celebrate the 4th. It was pretty good. It's nice weather now and we are playing a lot of baseball.

July 27, 1944
I am getting along OK and feeling fine. I just finished breakfast and I am going to play a little ball after it settles a bit.

Aug. 3, 1944
It is a beautiful morning here, I just finished breakfast and I guess I will go over and talk to my friend Weldon in a little while.

Aug. 28, 1944
I have been doing a lot of reading lately. It passes time quickly.

Sept. 7, 1944
I am getting along fine and eating good. I haven't played pinochle since I was home last but we are going to get a deck and start playing in a couple days.

Oct. 4, 1944
It's a beautiful day. We just finished a ball game. Our side won 6-5. We scrubbed our floor this fore noon since it was such a warm day.

Oct. 18, 1944
I have been reading all morning. I have read a great many books since I've been here.

Nov. 17, 1944
Dear Ingwer, I got your letter a few days ago & had better write you. I have received nine letters from home so far and am glad to hear that you are all well. I am still getting along fine and eating pretty good. I will sure be glad when I can see you folks again. Rich

[Click on the images to see the German POW postcard, dated Nov 17, 1944]

Nov. 23, 1944
We used to play pinochle every night for a long time. Now we have switched to five hundred. We have a tournament in our room which makes it more interesting. I am going to try and learn bridge. It is very popular here. We have a good orchestra and have enough talent in camp to have a good program every week or two.

Dec. 8, 1944
It is too cold or wet outside to play much ball but we pass the time playing cards, checkers, etc., also reading. We have a very good orchestra now, about 7 pieces and we have swell shows. One is planned for tomorrow. A good program is already scheduled for Christmas week.

Dec. 18, 1944
Have been doing a lot of reading, etc. I just finished another book. I am keeping a list of books I've read but started it rather late and have forgotten a good many. I have 60 so far. We are decorating our room for Christmas tonight with red and green crepe paper and some homemade bells, stars, etc. We are going to have a pretty good Xmas, I believe. We will have candy, nuts, canned turkey, and other treats. We will also have a good program.

Jan 6, 1944
We had a swell Christmas, plenty to eat and had a good program, and even carols outside at midnight. We also had a nice program for New Years, fashioned after Phil Spitalni and his all girl orchestra. It was called Phil Spittooni and his hour of harm. We got a lot of chess sets at x-mas and are all playing that now. It's a very good game and pastime. We got some pictures at x-mas, and I have one of Mt. Rainier, taken on Nachez Pass. I know the very spot as we have stopped there.