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AK-47 'Rubberband Gun' - 2005

This was my first gun. I made it because I was too cheap to buy a $40 rubberband gun for my five year old son. We were at a street fair in our town and come upon a vendor selling rubberband guns. Well, he just had to have one! I wasn't about to spend $40 on a rubberband rifle so I told him I'll make him him one out of some 2x4s.

I found a picture of the gun he wanted, an AK-47, and made a pattern. I edge glued three 24" pieces of 2x4s together and then spray glued the pattern to them. Doing a little research on the internet I found that you could buy the rubberband trigger parts but held off getting any until I had the gun done.

After I cut out the gun I did a quick round over trim with my router, drilled a hole for the barrell and pounded in a 1/2" dowel. Done! I didn't even bother to finish.

He loved it and it didn't even matter that there were no rubberbands involved.

Sometime after this (maybe 2006) he wrote out a list of guns he wanted me to make for him. What do you say to something like that except "Yes sir, right away sir!".